About a User eXperience Designer

My name’s Luigi Rossini and this page is about my job and my passion, the User eXperience (UX) Design.

My Curriculum Vitae says that I have been designing digital products for about 15 years now. My experience ranges from the fin-tech world and services to large public and private companies to e-commerce.

In spite of this, I am far more than that.
Design is my job and my passion at the same time. I like to write posts about the User eXperience world on my blog (dopamino.com) and I’m also a “golden member” of one of the most renowned UX forums (http://community.uxmastery.com) and a news devourer when it comes to new technology applications (especially robotics).

I find it rather difficult to define the boundaries between my technical skills and my communication skills. I think that as a designer, these two aspects have to complement each other as much as possible. I can’t figure out how to design a product without understanding its underlying technology and without having the ability to effectively communicate the reason why I choose a specific design approach.

This is the main reason why, while leading a team of designers, I always strive to be operational at all stages of the design process (from card-sorting to pixel-perfect prototyping test).

In recent years, I have been very much focused on the evangelisation of the UX within the companies I’ve worked with. Indeed, I believe it is key to involve colleagues and customers on the issues of usability and accessibility of digital products.

To achieve this goal, I have developed a design process that relies upon guidelines. I have noticed that by developing and sharing these tools, people involved in design develop a higher sensitivity to UX issues.

My personal approach to design is in line with the most common design methodologies, such as AGILE SCRUM and ITIL V3.

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“I live and thrive in a mobile environment”

“Without data you’ve just an opinion”

“The products of a company reflect the organizational structure of the company”

“Any product that needs a manual to work is broken”