My UX journey – About a User eXperience Designer

My name’s Luigi Rossini and this page is about my job: User eXperience Designer.

I live and thrive in a mobile environment.

With my experience in web and mobile field, I can offer a rare and unique combination of Humanistic and Scientific skills, which is unusual as a user experience designer.
My focus is on delivering design deliverables within a human context. I do like to design, web and mobile solutions, leaning on analytics data and usability tests (qualitative test and quantitative test).

In my design stream I need to observe users. It is very important to me to validate as much as I can all the deliverables (sketches, prototypes and pixel perfect mockups) with customers, stakeholders and users.

Without data you’ve just an opinion

I strongly believe that each project has his own opportunities and constraints. I always check the best, common and worse practices, to highlight the main user tasks, the main user needs and the achievable business goals.

I usually deliver my stuff working with standard development methodologies (eg Agile Scrum, ITIL V3).

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