Don’t tell my mum I am a Digital Designer…she believes I am a piano player in a brothel

Yes I am a Digital Designer, my name’s Luigi Rossini and I am a lucky man since I have as a job one of my biggest passions

As a designer, I am up to develop and enhance a design-based culture in the companies I work for.

I strongly believe that the added value of the design thinking is to always keep in mind that, as humans, we are designed to learn and to improve continuously.

I am committed to define/improve the design process by matching the user and the business needs. My role is to help my stakeholders to execute the design strategy for the short, mid and long-term plans.
To accomplish that:

  • I am always pushing the design team to validate the design options as soon as possible by relying on the usability tests (qualitative and quantitative ones)
  • I like to work very closely with my stakeholders (product owners, business analysts, sale persons and engineers) to have a deep understanding of the business needs
  • I try to improve the user-centred design process by involving the no-designer people in the design process since the earliest stages

During my experience at Avaloq I become a great fan of the Agile process and of the Design Sprint promoted by Google.
The design is my job and my passion at the same time, that’s why I like to write about the design as a “golden member” of one of the most renowned UX forums (

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“I live and thrive in a mobile environment”

“Without data you’ve just an opinion”

“The products of a company reflect the organizational structure of the company”

“Any product that needs a manual to work is broken”