Welcome to dopamino.com, a place where I write about the DESIGN for the DIGITAL Experiences

Hi there!
Welcome to my blog, a place where I write about the design for the digital experiences

I am Luigi Rossini (AKA Dopamino) an Italian designer with more than 15 years of experience. Most of the time I am focused on sponsoring and pushing the DIGITAL PRODUCT DESIGN PROCESS

I believe sharing is one of the key values to be successful as a designer. That’s why I write about my DESIGN JOURNEY

Since design is a complex topic, I am willing to share the most valuable findings and feedback about the DESIGN DUTY I am committed to.

I like to collect the DESIGN PATTERNS to better figure out how to ship interfaces for digital products, especially for e-commerce platforms and fintech apps

I am up to building DESIGN SYSTEMS to boost the design process focusing on the consistency and the scalability

On top of that, I like the DESIGN EVENTS and I like to collect feedback and feelings about those events

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