WordPress themes, why I choose a standard one

WordPress themes,why a designer choose a standard one?

This is the fifth version of my blog.
The previous ones are designed by me with the help of a bunch of  genius nerds (yes I love nerds).
This time I decided to be focused on the content for the first release (yes I love the MVP approach).

This is the main reason why I decided to use the WordPress twenty fifteen theme despite the huge wordpress themes directory.

I respect the users and my goal is to provide the best User eXperience for my content.

I tested the twenty fifteen theme on different devices and I like it:

  • Theme, It’s responsive and this is very important to me. I believe that RWD is the best approach to deliver web solutions. This WordPress Theme Twenty Fifteen seems ok for all the breakpoints;
  • Colors, a lot of white, and the readability is one of the most important UX KPI for this project;

For sure I will start to change something to get this design more close to my design needs and my style. The following points will be released asap:

  • Fonts, I will change the original font-family with a google font (oxygen);
  • Hamburger icon,  in the XS and SM breakpoints I will change the position from the right to the left;
  • Navigation, change the behavior for the post with the same category;

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